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Old Days Baseball League

League Champions

    1871 Chicago White Stockings

1872 Canton South Bulldogs




The ODBL is an APBA Baseball for Windows fantasy league starting at the dawn of professional Base Ball in 1871.   Each team has been drafted from the pool of players who appeared in the National Association.  We hope to be able to capture some of the fun of these colorful players and their wild adventures.

         Cap Anson                  An early trading card                                      Candy Cummings                         George Wright




Team Information

Team                                          Owner                           email

Boston Red Stockings            Tim Prosser           commissioner

Chicago White Stockings       Eric Kane          

Norfolk Tars                              Ken Berry         

Troy Haymakers                       Don Rahn        

St.Louis Perfectos                   Art Widiger      

Forest Citys of Cleveland      Doug Shoemaker

Worcester Ruby Legs            Frank Costello            

Springfield Trolley-Dodgers  Todd Easton    

                  Ross Barnes                                        Harry Wright                                         Al Spaulding


Pictures of National Association players

Early PhotosMore

Early Photos