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            The LHL is a fantasy hockey league starting with the 1974-75 season using APBA Hockey version 4.02.  The league has then progressed one year at a time moving towards the present.  80+ game seasons will be scheduled to run in the professional hockey off-season whenever possible with an eventual March-to-September timeframe planned.  For 1974-75 the data disk used will be the official APBA issued NHL season with 20 stars from the WHA season added on.  Certain WHA players will be added to the pool of available players in upcoming seasons.  Beginning in 1979-80 a small number of legendary Soviet stars will also enter the draft.  A complete list of these non-NHL players and their entry year is available at the website. Future disks will be assembled in the off-season and submitted for review and/or modification prior to the start of the season.  At this time any league member may recommend a ratings change to the commissioner.  Team owners are strongly encouraged to contribute their hockey knowledge to the construction of the data disks.


                 If no APBA issued disks are available for the upcoming season, we will create our own disks as we have done in the past.  If an APBA issued disk is available we will use that disk changing only the following: penalty ratings, adding uncarded players (including Soviets) and correcting errors (misspellings, inaccurate stats (i.e. goalie saves).  Any other proposed changes will require approval by a majority of owners.


            This league is designed solely for the enjoyment of all members.  The goal is for hockey fans to get together and have fun coaching childhood heroes and legendary players from a bygone era.  Rules will be kept to a minimum and a general "laid back" atmosphere encouraged.  Anyone looking to corral all the top players and win at all costs will not fit in.  Input from any league member is welcomed and appreciated-this is your league and will reflect your collective wishes as long as you make them known.


Executive Committee

            There will be a 3-person committee in place to handle administrative issues that arise.  A team owner may contact any one of these members for clarification of rules, proposals for the league or to air any grievance.  The committee members will include the commissioner and one president from each conference (Tim Prosser, Dave Gowdey and Anthony Blanda).  The purpose of this committee will be to set the general course of the league, discuss rule modifications and in general to provide an impartial review of all league business.



Roster Management

            Rosters will be filled by an annual straight draft and the submission of draft lists, if needed.  Each team must start the season with a 25-30 man roster.  Once a player is selected by a team he will remain with that team until he is released, traded or retires.  In the event a player is not on the data disk for the upcoming year an owner may elect to still protect him on his 30 man roster.  Any player from the WHA who is drafted by a team will be included on the disk for the rest of his career as long as he remains on a team's active roster.  Prior to the start of subsequent seasons an entry draft will be held, the order determined by a reverse of the previous regular season standings.  Each team must submit a list of re-signed players before the draft begins.  This list may include any or all of the players from the previous season's roster, however once re-signed they cannot be replaced until the following year.  The entry draft will consist of 10 rounds.  If, after this draft, any teams do not have 30 players they will be allowed to draft remaining players to reach that number.  Any expansion team will be given the #1 spot in the upcoming draft.  Should any team exceed the 30 man roster due to a trade they will be required to cut player(s) to return to the 30 man limit.


Weekly gameplay

            Each week a zip file will be sent to team owners for that week's games.  Prior to playing that week’s games this file should be unzipped into the appropriate folder (ie197475).  Any games that have been played using files other than those sent will be simmed (if detected).  Any owner who uses the wrong files more than once may be subject to punishment.   Each team will usually play 3-4 home games and submit the results in a uniquely named gamefile (ie MTLwk3.dat).  Owners should include a brief recap of the games with attached box scores.    This results file should be submitted via the league wide mailing (  by the specified deadline, remember others are interested in the outcome of your games.   Any team not submitting its results by that time will have its games simmed by the commissioner.  In the event a team is found to have used the incorrect files to play their games, the commissioner will sim the games in question. The team will not be permitted to improve upon the record it compiled with the incorrect files.  Teams will also have the option of having the commissioner simulate their homes games using the team profile.  Shortly after the playfiles are sent out a gamedata file containing the results of the simmed homegames will go out.  Any owner can use boxpro to extract his team's boxscores from this file.


            Teams should submit an updated .prf file when necessary.  It will be the owner's sole responsibility to see that all players' games played limits are not exceeded.  Team profiles created with APHcomm should include: 18 dressed skaters and 2 goaltenders and the filling of all necessary lines and strategies.  At a minimum each profile must contain 3 forward lines and 3 defensive pairings containing unique players.  If a team is unable to dress the minimum players they will be assigned the necessary replacements from the available player pool.   For each player added the team will forfeit a pick in the next draft, starting with their lowest and working up.  Any players added in this way will not cannot be retained for the next season.    Check stats and profiles frequently to avoid over usage.  Due to a recurrent problem in season one with owner participation the following amendment has been made:  Any owner who remains out of contact without notice for three weeks may be expelled from the league.  Also any owner who exhibits habitual absenteeism will upon the unanimous vote of the executive committee be expelled from the league.


Regular season player limits

            The injury setting will be turned off with players limited to 110% of that season's actual games played.  Games played limits will be controlled by the team owner and is his sole responsibility.  Unlike season one, the commissioner will make no effort to correct a profile misusing players.  Overuse and penalties will be calculated at the end of the season.  In the event of player overusage the following penalties will apply:. Playoff teams: Overused players must miss the number of games they went over in the regular season (to begin the playoffs).   If a player is overused through no fault of his owner these sanctions will not apply (i.e. the owner playing the games uses an out dated profile).  Penalties assessed will not be transferred to new owners.  Non-playoff teams: The executive committee will decide whether the team's overuse falls into the category of 1) incidental overuse (1-2 players were mistakenly overplayed      2) general overuse (a few players were several games over or several players were a few games over)   3) chronic overuse (many players were numerous games over and/or the owner overuses players every year)


The penalties* will be

1) Incidental Overuse

            The team will have 2 points added to their season total in the determination of the draft position of the following season for each player overused....


2) General Overuse

            The team will lose one draft position in the next draft per round for each player overused starting with the 6th round.  (for example if 4 players were overused the team would fall down 1 draft spot in the 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd round; if two players went over it would be the 6th and 5th)


3) Chronic overuse

            The team will lose two draft positions for each player overused, starting with the 6th round. (for example if 4 players were overused the team would be lowered by 2 spots in the 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd rounds.)  If more than six players were overused the process will start again with the loss of 2 more 6th round spots and proceed until all overuse is accounted for.


*These will only apply to picks actually held by the team, not traded picks.






Free Agents

            If, during the regular season a team wishes to add an unclaimed player, it may do so within the following guidelines:

1) For each player added the team will lose its lowest pick in the next draft.

2) Players added will be released back into the available pool at the end of the playoffs.



            Beginning 1977-78 owners will play their first two postseason home games. (See below for procedure).  Games 5-7 will be simmed by the commissioner.  Home teams must submit prompt game recaps to the league weither the games are played or simmed.  If the commissioner's team is involved in the playoffs, his games 5-7 will be simmed by an owner not involved in the post-season or an executive committee member.  If both owners are able and willing, playoff games may be played head to head or via a live internet connection.  Both owners should contact the commissioner well in advance if they plan to do this.   For the playoffs, injuries will be turned ON.   In the event of an injury the owner must submit a new profile replacing the injured player.  After each playoff game the visiting team must either send a new profile or notice to reuse the existing profile.

             Eight teams will qualify for the postseason, the top four from each conference.  Within each conference the match-up will be 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 with the winners advancing to the conference finals.  The two winners of the conference final matches will meet for the Legend's Cup.  Home ice will be determined by regular season records a tie being broken by 1) wins 2) intra-conference record 3) head-to-head.  Playoff series will be a best of seven (HHAAHAH) format.  There will be one day of rest scheduled between each game and counting towards the healing of injuries.  If one playoff series ends before the other, days spent waiting for the 2nd series to end will count towards injury healing.  Once there are 14 teams in the league the number qualifying for the post-season will be 8.

            Playoff procedure:    Teams will receive the league files and visitors must submit a profile before the games begin.  Once the profiles are in, the home teams will play one game, send in the result file, send out a write-up of the game with a box score and await a new profile.  The visiting team should load the results file and carefully watch for any injuries.  Home teams must not play a game until they hear back from the visitor.  Then the home team plays the next game and the process repeats.  After each series the commissioner will reset any injuries, schedule the next series and send out the files. 



Postseason Player Usage

            Player usage in the playoffs will be limited only by injury with the following exceptions.  These low-game  impact players may appear in no more than half of a teams postseason games.

Goalies with less than 12 games played and a save % greater than .900

Skaters with less than 20 games played.



            No trades will be allowed following the approximate 3/4 completion of the regular season through the playoffs and during the expansion drafts. Trades that are deemed to be grossly unfair may be overturned by a unanimous vote of the executive committee.  Trades designed to have another team shelter a player from expansion and then return the player will not be allowed.  (Players traded between the end of the playoffs and start of expansion draft may not be traded back to their original team for 1 year.)  The trading of draft picks will be allowed but only involving the next two scheduled drafts.  In the event of a trade both parties must announce and confirm the trade before it can take effect.


Game files

            For quick identification a team's files submitted should reflect that team's name.  (i.e. Boston's week 3 results-"BOSwk3."  Should replace "game file.")  Sacramento's Profile=SAC.prf, etc.  Games within the game file should have some sort of identifying name assigned.  Owners must announce the results of their home games in a league-wide message with the results game file or box scores.  Other owners are anxious to hear how their team did on the road, so let them know.  Use of the league wide address also creates a record of submitted files that can be accessed later, if needed.   The more communication among owners and sharing of information, the more fun it will be.



            The LHL will expand by one team each season until a total of 14 teams is reached, then by two teams to reach 16 for 1979-80.  If there is sufficient interest and all existing teams have ownership in place further expansion will be possible.

             When expanding by one team: existing teams will be allowed to protect 13 skaters and 1 goaltender from the draft.  The Expansion team will select up to 24 players from the unprotected list of which no more than 2 may be goalies.  New players entering the league will not be included in the expansion draft.  No team will be allowed to lose more than 2 players in any given draft.  No team will be allowed to lose 2 goalies in one draft or one goalie in 2 consecutive drafts. 

            When expanding by two teams the following rules will apply:  existing teams will protect 12 skaters and 1 goalie.  A coin flip will determine the team to begin the expansion draft.  The team losing the coin flip will go first in the rookie draft.  The expansion teams will alternate picks until each team has 14 players with no more than 2 being goalies.  Existing teams will lose not more than 2 players and not more than 1 goalie.  The team losing a goalie in the 1978-79 draft cannot lose a goalie in this draft.  In the rookie draft the expansion teams will pick 1st and 2nd, then the non-playoff teams will pick in order, then each expansion team will pick again and finally the playoff teams will pick in order. {EXP#1, EXP#2, #14, #13, #12, #11, #10, #9, EXP#2, EXP#1, #8, #7, #6, #5, #4, #3, #2, #1.} This order will repeat for six rounds.  Teams not yet with 30 players after six rounds may continue selecting in order with the expansion teams now taking one pick per cycle.


Rule Modification

            Any owner may propose rule changes at any time.  At the discretion of the executive committee these proposals may then be put to a league-wide vote.  A simple majority of all owners (not just those voting) is required for any modification.  No rule changes will be put to a vote from the beginning of the expansion draft through the Legends Cup finals.  The commissioner reserves the right to make rule changes deemed in the best interest of the league without notice.